Testimony of Gabriela Manríquez / Staff InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


“My time at the Caminemos Juntos Conference was a gift! It was a blessing being able to fellowship with other Latinos from different cities, generations, and backgrounds. I felt moved by the liturgy we had on the first night where we repented as a country for the ways we have treated immigrants. After that, Pastor Keesha and Mimi spoke about letting God into our deepest wounds. They spoke on how God sees us and hears us even when we are terrorized. This deeply related to the experiences we as a Latino community have been experiencing in the last few years but even more in this last month. The day after the conference ended there was a mass shooting where Latinos were targeted. Even though I’m still heartbroken over the reality that we face in this country I was reminded by God of the beauty that the Latino community is and how I actually got to see that first hand at the conference. Latino leaders that truly love Jesus are raising up and renewing their communities. I praise God for the Caminemos Juntos Conference and how I experienced His deep love for my comunidad Latina” Gabriela Manriquez serves as staff InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. She works in the college campuses of South San Diego where she evangelizes, disciples, and develops Latino student leaders to plan and lead bible studies on every corner of the campus.#caminemosjuntos #caminemosjuntosnorteamerica#intervarsitychristianfellowship #gabbymanriquez #testimony#CaminemosJuntosNorthAmerica #testimonio #10years