Juntos! Planting Latino Churches: a Testimony from Juarez, Mexico


My name is Marco Antonio Guzmán Pérez and we are currently living and studying in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. This is the testimony of our new church plant which started this year.

One night I was talking with my wife that, if God gave me the opportunity to make a church in Ciudad Juarez, I would call her "La Rodadora" my wife with the eyes of "what is that? He told me, really? ”And I explained the purpose of a roller, which is to roll through the desert and leave its seed to reproduce, I kept watching and he said ok!

Two weeks later in the month of March 2019 my teacher and mentor Jesús Núñez told me: “Think of a name for church, in case the opportunity arises to start a new work.” At that same moment I said: I already have it ! -Let's see? He said very surprised, I replied: "La Rodadora" and the slogan would be, "Leaving the seed of the gospel in the heart of each person" to what he replied - I like it!

Pastor Jesus was coming from a Caminemos Juntos Americas (Walk Together Americas) in Chile. And about a year ago he is Ambassador of Let's Walk Together for Mexico ...

Weeks later we started working together, we had a meeting making the invitation to other Christian people who at that time had nowhere to congregate and the invitation was extended to some neighborhood residents.

I love that despite our shortcomings and weaknesses, God sees our hearts calling us to serve him, I love that my family has always supported me to work getting involved in the ministry, my eldest daughter Camila (13 years old) teaches singing and helps us In the praise group, Sara (11 years old) and Valentina (3 years old) are experts in making friends to attract them to the activities we develop, my wonderful wife who is always by my side supporting everything. And I love that the church has many talents so that together we can do the work.

 We are currently working on the vision as a church, to begin to develop a system that gives us a language and to carry out our goals, motivating the church to grow personally but especially in the spiritual.

We know that God has taken us by the hand and that with him, CAMINEMOS JUNTOS (WE WALK TOGETHER).


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