Missionary Highlight: The Zúñigas

Caminemos Juntos unites, mobilizes and multiplies Latinio Anglican Churches across the Americas – from the south of Chile to the northern part of Canada. In this blog, we highlight a missionary family that, through Caminemos Juntos and the Greenhouse Movement, is being mobilized to plant congregations within the Latino community in the United States. We believe that they are the first in a wave of church planters to come from Chile that will reach the Americas and impact the world.

The Zúñiga Family


Who are they?

The Zúñigas (Christian, Evelyn, Isidora and Mateo) are a missionary Family who desire to serve Jesus with their whole lives and hearts. They have been involved in missions for six years, and have spent the last two of those years serving at La Trinidad, the largest Anglican church in Chile which is located in the capital, Santiago.

Where will they be serving?

In partnership with the Greenhouse Movement they will be serving at Christ Our King Anglican Church in New Braunfels, Texas, a community with a population of about 57,000 where 35% of the population is Hispanic (more than 20,000 people). Their goal is to raise up a Latino congregation there. They will be located in a strategic location, in the middle of a route that unites San Antonio and Austin.

What is their calling?

Their calling from God is to plant churches within the Hispanic/Latino community in the United States, a community with limited resources and more than 55 million people. They desire to reach lives for Jesus, expanding the Kingdom through evangelism and counseling, always centered in the Word of God and following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

What is their vision?

They desire to make Jesus Christ known! When Jesus enters into families and hearts, everything changes. Their vision is that the American Dream would become a dream of a life centered around Jesus. Through counseling, evangelism, and the tools that God has given them, the Zúñiga Family wishes to see the Hispanic community in New Braunfels, Texas transformed through the love of Jesus Christ, and that this transformation would also be reflected in their impact on society.

How Can I Partner with the Zuñigas?

1.     Prayer: prayer is essential to the work of planting churches. Would you like to join their prayer team? Send them an email: Czuniga@greenhousemovement.com

2.     Financial Partnership: if God invites you to participate in the growth of the gospel in the Latino community you can participate by making a monthly or a one-time gift. To give a donation or to join their support team, click here.