News from the Anglican Church in Chile

This Sunday the Church of Chile will consecrate and recognize three new bishops who would lead their future Province

 The ceremony will be broadcast live on Facebook Live from the Saint Paul's Cathedral  Valparaíso, temple that celebrates 160 years of history since its construction.

Next Sunday, July 15 at 11:00 a.m., the Ceremony of Consecration and Recognition of Diocesan Bishops of the Anglican Church of Chile will be held. The celebration will take place at the Anglican St. Paul's Cathedral Valparaíso and will be streamed live through its official Facebook page.

At the ceremony, it will also take place the celebration of 160 years since the construction of the temple of Saint Paul's of Valparaiso, which has been declared a Historical Monument and has an important heritage value for the city and the Church in Chile.

At the moment, the Anglican Church of Chile is a diocese that counts on 95 congregations and belongs to South America, but with the aim of promoting its growth and mission, expects to become an independent Anglican Province, territory that would be conformed by four dioceses, which will be administered by four diocesan bishops.

The priests who will be consecrated by laying on hands are the reverends Samuel Morrison for the Diocese of Valparaíso and Enrique Lago for the Diocese of Concepción. While Bishop Abelino Apeleo will be recognized to lead the Diocese of Temuco.

In the case of the Diocese of Santiago, the territory will be administered by the current Diocesan Bishop, Rv. Héctor Zavala, who will also be the Primate of the new Anglican Province of Chile.

It is worth mentioning that the bishops were elected in May by an extraordinary Synod. On this occasion, the Chilean diocese approved the constitution and canons that it would adopt if obtained the approval to become a province. These decisions were ratified later in the month of April by the college of bishops of the Province of South America, during a meeting in Lima-Peru and were informed in an official announcement by the Primate, Archbishop Greg Venables.

In the month of August of this year, the Church of Chile will receive a delegation that will be headed by the President of the Anglican Consultative Council, Archbishop Paul Kwong of

Hong Kong, whose mission will be to determine if the proposed new province meets the requirements to be an Anglican province.

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