Expansion in Colombia and Panama

The Caminemos Juntos family continues growing in Panama and Colombia! During the first week of February, Bishop Flavio Odair Suarez, missionary bishop to the establishing Brazil GAFCON Province (the Anglican Church in Brazil, rooted in Recife), visited, confirmed, and received three new congregations:

Bishop Flavio at 'Comunidad Anglicana La Vid,' Bogota, Colombia

Bishop Flavio at 'Comunidad Anglicana La Vid,' Bogota, Colombia

Iglesia Cristiana Anglicana (Anglican Christian Church) in Panama, and Comunidad Anglicana La Vid (The Vine Anglican Community) & Comunidad Cristiana Puerta Abierta (Open Door Christian Community) in Bogota, Colombia.

Sister Ximena, wife of Pastor Alfonso of the Vine Anglican Community, shared this testimony of the bishop’s visit: 
“Our Missionary Bishop Flavio Adair’s visit was lived with such great joy, like it says in Matthew 20:26, a faithful, generous, humble, & wise servant, that with diligent love, although tired, ministered to us, taught us, counseled us, and masterfully exposed the Word of God, prayer for each and every one of us at the Vine Anglican Church in Bogota.”

colombia confirmation.jpeg

25 of us were confirmed...on February 11th and we lived it as if it were a renewal celebration- renewal of our faith and obedience to mission that the Lord commanded us of making disciples in our country of Colombia”

Pastor Obed of the Anglican Christian Church in Panama shares of the time spent with Bishop Flavio as “being like traveling into the time of the primitive Church,” and that there was a strong move of the Holy Spirit during the times of confirmation. Bishop Flavio shared at a youth camp as well as at other special congregation moments. 

'Iglesia Cristiana Anglicana' in Panamá

'Iglesia Cristiana Anglicana' in Panamá

All of this reflects an advancement in the process of realignment and expansion of our new Anglican gospel-centered move, represented by GAFCON. This renewal of the church is a reality in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Cuba, which form a part of the new evangelical province called Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). At the same time, on May 12th, a new province will be established as the Anglican Church of Brazil.

GAFCON has given the province of Brazil the responsibility of offering coverage to the churches in Central America and the north part of South America, as is the case for the previously-mentioned churches in Panama and Colombia. Finally, we expect the formation of a new province in Chile. 

Let’s keep praying for the expansion of a missional anglicanism centered on Christ and His word.