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Join us in celebrating 10 years of Caminemos Juntos! Our Caminemos Juntos North America conference will take place August 1 - 3, 2019 in Chicago, IL. We invite you to be a part of it!
Lodging with local host families is available on a first come, first serve basis. For more information on transportation and hosts please contact: Juliane @ jcastrofonseca@caminemos-juntos.com.

Speakers and workshop leaders: Archbishop Miguel Uchoa (Brazil), Dr. M. Daniel Carroll R (Rodas), Gaby Manriquez and Jennifer Galindo (Intervarsity/La Fe) on multiplying disciples among Latino university students, Yadir Gonzalez (Loving All Peoples) , a cuban pastor who led a multiplication movement in Cuba which resulted in thousands of home based discovery Bible study groups and now has helped multiply hundreds of groups among Latinos in Texas.

Adoremos Juntos / United Adoration: There will be a simultaneous, bilingual, mini-songwriting retreat as part of the conference. For more information please contact: office@caminemos-juntos.com.

Youth: There will be a simultaneous program for Latino youth ages 12-18.

Schedule: Thursday evening 7PM - Saturday 1PM.

Thursday will be at Cornerstone Anglican Church: 171 N. Cuyler, Oak Park, IL

Friday AM will be at New Life Little Village (Lawndale): 2657 S. Lawndale, Chicago.

Friday PM (2PM onwards) and Saturday. will be Back at Cornerstone Oak Park.

Friday evening will be a formal gala celebration dinner. Please dress appropriately.

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Ven a celebrar con nosotros 10 años de Caminemos Juntos! Caminemos Juntos Norteamérica se desarrollará desde el 1 al 3 de Agosto de 2019 en Chicago, Il. Habrá hospedaje limitado con familias locales. Para información sobre hospedaje y transporte: Juliane @ jcastrofonseca@caminemos-juntos.com.

Conferencistas: Arzobispo Miguel Uchoa (Brazil), Dr. M. Daniel Carroll R (Rodas), Gaby Manriquez y Jennifer Galindo (Intervarsity/La Fe) compartirán sobre la multiplicación de líderes entre latinos universitarios, Yadir Gonzalez (Loving All Peoples) , un pastor cubano compartirá sobre la multiplicación de discipulos a traves de grupos de descubrimiento Bíblico.

Adoremos Juntos / United Adoration: Habrá un mini-retiro de composición simultáneo con la conferencia. Para más información: office@caminemos-juntos.com

Jóvenes: Habrá un programa simultaneo para jovenes edades 12-18.

Programa: Jueves 7PM - Sábado 1PM.

Jueves estaremos en Cornerstone Anglican Church: 171 N. Cuyler, Oak Park, IL

Viernes AM será en New Life Little Village (Lawndale): 2657 S. Lawndale, Chicago.

Viernes PM (2PM en adelante) y Sabado regresaremos a Cornerstone Oak Park.

La cena del viernes será una cena de gala formal. Favor de vestirse formalmente!

¡Te invitamos a asistir y ser parte!

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